Meet the needs of our users through products that contribute to a healthier life, with the commitment to do so with the highest quality.


To be recognized in the national and international market as a leading company in the manufacture and marketing of health supplies.


QualityThe most important value in our organization. Our products must meet the design specifications, exceeding the expectations of our customers.

TrustThat the actions and results that we offer deserve the certainty that our company is capable and will act appropriately and ethically in the situations that arise.

RespectRecognizing the value of ourselves and establishing a reciprocity of mutual respect, understanding and valuing the needs and interests of the people and companies with whom we interact.

LeadershipWe seek to be leaders not only in marketing and distribution, but also in all of our relationships. We are a company with a strong vision of the future based on sustainability, excellence and innovation.

IntegrityWe act with honesty and respect with all the people and organizations with whom we interact because we are faithful to our principles, values ​​and commitments.

CollaborationWe work in the collective search for excellence. Collaboration is the foundation of all our relationships. We collaborate with our clients, colleagues, suppliers and other allies to achieve shared goals.